A tradition of the mechanical engineering manufacture for agricultural use in the local territory of Prostejov, a town situated in the middle of the Hana region and in the geographical centre of Moravia, goes back to the 19th century, when the agricultural machines manufacturing works of F. Wichterle and J. and F. Kovarik was founded.

Nonetheless, a history of the metal-working craftsmanship is already said here since 16th century.

So during such a long time the experiences, knowledge and skills from this industry have being passed from generations on generations here.

Last but not least, in our country a Ferdinad Porsche was born, the founder of the Porsche Company, the famous engineer & super cars manufacturer and also the tractors engineer & manufacturer in the past, and also the designer of the famous VW Beatle.

Our own experiences in design, manufacture and sale are gathered in fact since sixties of last century.

Our first independent business was established in 2008. From this very beginning, our effort has been focused for us to be able to supply flexibly and reliably the Czech first quality products to customers satisfied all over the world and to represent by this way both our local age-old tradition of the craftsmanship and skill and the rich and long tradition of the engineering manufacture of our country.

Our new company name, logo, symbol & website was launched on November 11th 2011 morning at 11 o'clock, 11 minutes & 11 seconds.