A Professional Grass Cutter for Compact Tractors from 15HP up to 60HP Engine Performance

Devouring a Half a Metre Level Grass Cover & a Grass Quantity of One Hectar in an Hour
Hill Slanting up to 12 Degrees
A Light-Weight Structure Sliding on Two Couter-Rorating 600mm Diametre 6 Knives Cylinders Enables Perfect Relief Contouring
An Overload & Solid Obstcle Bumb Brace & Spring Safeguard enables Machine Deviation & Damage Prevention
A Cabel Lift Mechanism enables Machine Lifting During the Operation & Transport Position Folding Using Compact Tractor Hydraulic System
Compact Tractor 540 or 1000 rpm PTO & Freewheel Cardan Shaft & Six-Sided V-Belt Drive
Three-Point Hitch Category 1N, 0 or Quick-Hitch Connection
Length 1560mm - Height 660mm - Width 1220 or 1420 or 1820mm - Weight Raging from 110kg Version Accordingly
Front or Lateral Operating Version
Operating Width of 1,2m or 1,4m or 1,8m
Type IG 1200 - IG 1400 - IG 1800

Price from € 1.148,- plus Specials.......

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