A Versatile Compact Tractor for Garden, Forest & Municipality

2017 Model PERPETUM™ 14
Performance 14HP @ 3600rpm
Torque 30Nm @ 2400rpm
Operation Turns 2800-3600rpm
Powered by Perkins 0.5 liter Displacement 2 Cylinder in-Line Liquid-Cooled 57kg Lightweight & Low Consumption Diesel Engine

Standard Fetures:
All Wheels Drive - Front Differential Lock - Rear Three-Point Hitch -Rear PTO

Optional Equipment:
Front Three-Point Hitch - Front PTO

rebuilding your TZ-4K-14 to PERPETUM™ or rebuilding set for it from us possible

Price from £3,333.- €3,777.- $4,444.- plus Specials.......

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