Professional Snow Cutter & Blower for Compact Tractors from 25HP up to 60HP Engine Performance

Devouring a Half a Metre Deep Snow Cover & a Snow Quantity of 540 Cubic Metres in an Hour with an Operating Width of 1,2m or 1,5m or 1,65m on a Hill Slanting up to 12 Degrees
Two Helicoid Steel Rotors - Front Bottom Support Skates - Mechanically Pivoting Outlet Channel
Compact Tractor PTO & Cardan Shaft 1000 or 540 rpm Drive - Three-Point Hitch Category 1N, 0 or Quick-Hitch Connection

Cardan Shaft - Rear Support Wheels - Exteme Resistant & Reinforced Helicoid Rotor - Hydraulic Controlled & Pivoting Outlet Channel - 540 rpm PTO Reduction Gear

Length 810mm - Height 1500mm - Width 1200 or 1500 or 1650mm - Weight from 150kg Version Accordingly

Type SWC 1200 - SWC 1500 - SWC 1650

Price from € 1,444.- plus Specials.......

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