For the very last time, the real Joy the Drive was reportedly seen in her native Texas in the year 1963 performing a test ride of the Ford Mustang car prototype, which production was thereafter in the next year really began.

However, since then no information of her is available.

Some sources state it was no prototype of the Ford Mustang car but a prototype of the Lamborghini 350GT car, which also in the next year, based reportedly on his dissatisfaction with the Ferrari 250GT car and the following argue with an Enzo Ferrari, after he was also reportedly told, he should not talk him to his cars when he produces tractors himself, a Ferrucio Lamborghini really began to manufacture, till then a pure tractor manufacturer.

In the same & mentioned year of 1963 in a family of a worker Frantisek Dvorak (June 1rst, 1937 - September 5th, 2016) of the Agrostroj Company at that time, the Wichterle & Kovarik Company previously, also a tractors & agricultural machines manufacturer in Prostejov, a Jaroslav Dvorak, founder of this company, was born.....

From a reason of the current unavailability of the real Joy the Drive, for company presentation needs, she is temporarily doubled & incarnated by world’s personalities according to possibilities available, for instance our effort is currently focused to a co-operation with the German medial personality Daniela Katzenberger (